Tax Preparation FAQs

1. What kind of tax returns do you prepare?

We prepare all kinds of tax returns including personal, multi state, back tax catch-up, small business including LLC, partnership, C Corp, Sub – S, trusts, estates, 990 (nonprofit), home owner association etc.

2. I always prepared my own returns. Now, my finances have changed and I am more complicated. How do we begin?

So glad you asked. We send you an organizer to help you gather your data. This can either be mailed, downloaded from our website or we can send it to you in our secure portal. Just let us know and we will send you a link. Along with current year data, we ask for your prior year return so we can be sure we are not missing anything and we also might need info from that prior year to insert into the current year. Just contact us by phone 240 595 0867 or email at and let’s get acquainted!

3. Do you efile returns?

Yes, we are required to efile all returns unless it is a form that must be done on paper. We do not charge additional fees to efile your return

4. Where is my refund?

Once a tax return is either efiled or mailed in to the IRS or State, we have no control over when the refund will be received by our clients. However, you can click on our “Where’s my Refund” button and you might be able to get an update. We are asking our clients to let us know if they don’t receive their refund after 90 days of the filing to let us know. You will need to give us a Power of Attorney to call on your behalf.

5. How do I present my information for you to use in preparation?

We ask you to fill out the organizer and then provide the actual documents (W-2’s, 1099’s etc) either by scanning them and putting them in the portal or sending them to us via email as a pdf file. Please clip like documents together.

6. How long will it take for you to complete our return?

The earlier in the “tax season” we receive the data, the quicker the return is completed. If you get us your data by Feb 15, we can usually turn them around in a week to 10 days. After that, we usually say two weeks if all the info is complete. However, if you still need to supply additional information, it could take longer. When our accountants call to get more info, the quicker they get a response, the quicker your return will be complete. If you bring us your data the end of March or early April, depending on the complexity, you will most likely have to file an extension.

7. Do I have to bring in all my charitable receipts?

No, we prefer you keep them at home safely. You will need to keep them for 3 years and many receipts are on small cards. Please list all the cash donations as to amount and to whom they were sent. All non-cash charitable donations should be listed by the organization, their address, date of contribution, detail of what was donated and its respective donated values along with an explanation of how the value was established. If you donated less than $500 of non-cash items, just list the organization, address and a value.

8. How long must I keep my tax records?

We recommend you keep the prior three years returns along with the supporting documents. IRS will not usually audit beyond the three years unless they suspect fraud.

9. I got a letter from the IRS saying I owe more tax and have penalties and interest tacked on. What can I do?

Don’t assume that their assessment is correct! More often than not, we find they have made an error. Call us immediately and if we did not prepare your return, please get us a copy of what was filed and we will investigate. Be prepared to provide us with supporting documents. If we feel they made a mistake, we will ask for your Power of Attorney and we will write to them to contest the letter. If there is a true mistake in the return you filed, we can help you to amend the return.

10. We have a very complex return with a small business, rental properties, college expenses, complicated investments, inheritances, etc. Can you handle this?

Yes, we can. I suggest getting as much of your information to us as early as possible so we can begin the process.

11. Can we set up a time to meet?

We can set up a time to meet but since we are a totally virtual office, we can send you a Zoom invite, call you or Facetime at a mutually convenient time. During the pandemic, we found this to be quite time effective and safe for all concerned.